Make teaching and learning fun


As a music teacher, you want one thing: to help your students learn how to play — and love it. Beginning students want one thing: to play songs they love.

Musopia helps both teachers and students get what they want with apps that speed up learning and make practicing fun.

Teaching tool that keeps students engaged

Your students will practice more and advance faster when using FourChords and Ukeoke in the classroom because our apps engage learners with popular songs, keeping them motivated.

Instant Play Method: a combination of features that make learning to play easier

  • Simplified chords for every song (choose root notes, three string or full chords)
  • Chord transposition and tempo control so you can control the pace of learning
  • Adjustable settings that put you in control of everything
  • Optional lyrics for students who want to sing along as they play
  • Helpful videos from JustinGuitar that teach correct fingering for every chord

Instant Play Method gets everyone on board

With this teaching method students with different skill levels and different instruments can easily succeed in playing their favorite songs together. And with success comes a passion for learning more.


It’s going to be the future of music education. This makes teaching songs so much more structured and simple for me.

— Diane Harris, Elementary music teacher, Dallas TX

I’ve done classes with traditional Kodaly and Orff stuff and it’s not the same. I don’t have their attention the same way. They don’t feel this anxiety and they’re really able to express themselves. What a great gift to give to a kid, to be able to express themselves.

—Albert Harrah, Elementary music teacher, Dallas TX

It almost makes it like there is a second teacher in the room, which is very nice.

— Darren Rome, Elementary music teacher, Dallas TX

Musopia Apps

FourChords App on an iPhone

This interactive guitar app will get you playing the songs you love on the spot — whether you are an intermediate or beginning player!

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Ukeoke App on an iPhone

Have fun learning how to play thousands of songs with this beginner-friendly ukulele songbook.

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