Joy of Playing

Musopia makes your dream
of playing music come true

We develop music apps with one purpose — to help future, beginning, and intermediate guitar and ukulele players find that joy in playing their instruments.

JustinGuitar App on an iPhone

Learn by playing your favorite songs! Engaging and effective step-by-step beginner course by world-renowned

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Kala Ukulele App on an iPhone

The perfect companion to your Kala Ukulele! This interactive songbook has a wide selection of Color Chord songs and includes Kala Tuner to make it even easier.

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FourChords App on an iPhone

This interactive guitar app will get you playing the songs you love on the spot — whether you are an intermediate or beginner player!

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Ukeoke App on an iPhone

Have fun learning how to play thousands of songs with this beginner-friendly ukulele songbook.

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Mate, your app is so bloody good! My story, is probably the same as everyone else. I want to play guitar because it’s a pretty good life skill to have. Up there with swimming and cooking. Absolutely love the app! Really easy to understand as I work through the levels and the songs list makes it easy to pick up the chords while the songs are playing. Thanks heaps for putting this together.

I love how the app is making it more and more fun to play my uke! I’m continually encouraged to keep playing and to keep getting better. One day I’ll be able to land those b minor cords easily!

I picked up a ukulele a few months ago and was playing some simple sheet music. This app lets you adjust the speed of the song and once you have learned the song, you can put it back up to speed. It has strumming patterns and tuning too. What I didn’t realize was how many times I hesitated between chores. This has helped me get out of that habit.

I love how the app is making it more and more fun to play my uke! I’m continually encouraged to keep playing and to keep getting better. One day I’ll be able to land those b minor cords easily!

Outstanding app! Has totally reinvigorated my playing by adding hundreds of great songs to my repertoire!

This seemingly simple app is helpful to learn about timing and when to change chords at the right time, etc. Strumming patterns and playing in different keys are also great for beginner to play actual music. Great for the price, too!

Musopia makes the apps that make playing instruments fun.

Playing music is one of the few activities that can bring total peace and also make you feel completely alive at the same time, whether playing by yourself or with others.

Anyone can tap into their musical talent and enjoy one of life’s most fulfilling experiences!

Instant Play Method

Our Instant Play Method™ is a unique combination of features that makes learning to play the guitar or ukulele so much fun that it feels effortless! New players can learn their favorite songs in minutes. It includes:

  • Simplified chords for thousands of songs
  • Strum patterns and tempo control for gradual learning
  • Chords and lyrics display so players can sing along as they play
  • Helpful tutorial videos to get you started

Are you an instrument manufacturer or music brand that needs that extra edge?

We can partner with you to create learning experiences and branded applications that turn new guitar players into loyal, repeat customers.

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Are you a teacher looking for something fun and motivational for your students?

Our apps work wonders in the classroom! Engage students and help them advance more quickly. Take a look at our Play for All course and curriculum, created specially for K-12 music teachers.

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