The Musopia ESG Policy

We’re Just Getting Started

We are at the beginning, but committed and excited about our corporate sustainability journey. We are striving to take sustainable thinking toward everything we do and get better throughout the years to come.


We are committed to do our part to protect our environment and to be effective and thoughtful with resources that have an effect on our environment. Musopia is a carbon neutral company which means we track the greenhouse gas emissions from our operations. At Musopia we are committed toward reducing them as much as we can. Where we can’t reduce our emissions, we will compensate for them by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. See our compensation impact report for 2021.

Social Responsibility

We believe in fairness and treating people with respect. We value our employees, customers and partners no matter their gender, religion, age or any other personal attribute. We want to empower values like trust, equality, diversity, inclusion, accountability and learning together. We are committed to giving back to the community by collaborating with partners by sharing free versions of our products to non-profitable organizations to give unprivileged children the chance to engage with music.


We are committed to generally ethical behavior in all fields of our actions and compliance with all applicable laws. We expect the same from all of our partners. We take our customer data and confidential information very seriously and are fully committed to protecting the privacy and data of our customers and partners.