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through music

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Music is power. How could your brand harness that power and engage new customers? A music-focused mobile app is the answer.

According to research, people spend 2.6 hours every day engaging with music. The same study also shows that 54% of people describe themselves as being ‘loving’ or ‘fanatical’ about music. And one more stat: 75% of people wish they knew how to play an instrument.

With a mobile app that incorporates music, your brand gets a valuable share in that engagement, passion, and aspiration.

People spend nearly 4 hours a day on their mobile devices. When you combine the power of music with the power of mobile into a music-focused mobile app, your brand can…

  • Enhance customer loyalty
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Expand brand reach & visibility
  • Grow sales & revenue
  • Conquer market share
  • Mine valuable customer data

Our track record in creating the most entertaining music-focused mobile apps

More than
6 million


Unique Play Along™
App Technology

  • thousands of licensed songs
  • sound recognition
  • tuner
  • analytics
  • marketing, promotions and engagement

The #1 rated
guitar learning app

Category pioneer:
from a fresh idea
to #1 ukulele app

A music-focused mobile
app for your brand?


Your brand
Your audience
Your market
Your industry expertise

  • Custom app for your brand:
    Turnkey solution
  • Mobile app as a service:
    Development, maintenance, data insights
  • A team of 20 technologically talented
    music lovers in Helsinki, Finland

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