We help your brand

Turning music lovers into music makers

Research states 75% of people are interested in playing an Instrument.

(Source: Music Council of Australia 2001)

As a music instrument manufacturer or a music brand, you can help make their dream come true.

As a small but healthy tech business, working with us is simple and straightforward. Musopia is keen to explore a variety of partnerships with carefully selected partners; be it white-label licensing of our tech, brand partnerships or working with an idea that is completely new.

For instrument and accessories manufacturers

90% of beginner players quit in the early stages of their hobby. Guitar sales would eventually double by simply lowering the drop-out rate to 80%.

We pave the way from the beginner guitarist’s first strums to a lifelong hobby.

For music brands

Now anyone can feel the joy of playing — add more value to your products and extend the time your customers spend with your brand. Your products could be translated into a music SAAS service, educational product, streaming service, etc.

For other brands

Nothing creates deeper feelings than music. Connect with your customers in a deeper way and be THE brand that makes people’s dream of playing music come true.

With Musopia apps, beginners can start playing popular songs immediately and with an extremely low barrier to entry.

Benefits of Musopia Co-Operation

Meaningful life experience for your customers

Let your brand be part of a fulfilling experience in your customers’ lives.

Added value for your products

Musopia apps are loaded with thousands of fully licensed hit and classic songs - from Adele to Ed Sheeran, from Clapton to Coldplay - and elemental tools for guitarists.

More visibility in the mobile app marketplace

Millions of potential guitarists are waiting for you in the App Store and Google Play!

Engaging content for your brand’s social media marketing activities

A tool for audience retention:

useful and easy-to-produce content for social media, YouTube, web pages, etc.