The Kala App and your ukulele

– the perfect combination for learning and jamming

Get your Ukulele in tune

Tune easily and accurately in just a few minutes

Play your favorite songs

Huge library of over 2,000 popular ukulele songs at your fingertips

Kala Color Chords

Learn to play quickly and easily with our unique Color Chords system

Key Features

Whether you are a complete beginner just starting to learn how to play ukulele songs or a more advanced ukulele player, this app covers all of your ukulele needs from lessons, songbook, tuner and more!

  • The only ukulele app you need
  • FREE & easy-to use ukulele tuner
  • Over 2,000 hit ukulele songs with lyrics, adjustable backing tracks & tempo
  • Real-time feedback, plus useful tips to help you improve faster
  • Fun & easy to play along your favorite songs with our innovative ‘Color Chords’
  • Unique Instant Play Method system designed for beginners so you can play without the frustration with complicated tabs and notes
  • Learn ukulele with bite-sized lessons from top ukulele experts & artists



I picked up a ukulele a few months ago and was playing some simple sheet music. This app lets you adjust the speed of the song and once you have learned the song, you can put it back up to speed. It has strumming patterns and tuning too. What I didn’t realize was how many times I hesitated between chores. This has helped me get out of that habit.

I love how the app is making it more and more fun to play my uke! I’m continually encouraged to keep playing and to keep getting better. One day I’ll be able to land those b minor cords easily!

I always wanted to pick up a new hobby and learn how to play an instrument. I just didn’t know anyone that could teach me this app has helped me learn countless songs. This app is definitely worth it.

I always wanted to play a ukulele. Once I bought one, I wondered, now what? I found this app and so happy I did, I am wowing my friends by playing the Ukulele. Thank you Kala Ukulele.

Download the Kala app to learn ukulele and play along your favourite ukulele songs today!

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