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Play a song. Feel the joy. Repeat.

Music is a powerful mean to express and experience our feelings. With Ukeoke, anyone can enjoy the excitement of these musical moments. So grab your ukulele and dive into the music!

Learn to easily play the songs you love

With our Instant Play Method™, it’s easy to learn dozens of songs at your own pace and play them in minutes. Choose your favorites from thousands of hit songs.

From the first strum to lifelong fun

Enjoy some me-time playing alone or have fun jamming with your friends. Ukeoke’s easy play-along display and lyrics make every musical experience possible.

Key Features

Ukeoke’s Instant Play Method™ guides you through the learning process so you can begin playing your first song in minutes. It makes it fun (and easy) to play chords and songs quickly—even if you’ve never taken a ukulele lesson before. You’ll get:

  • Adjustable backing tracks to help you keep the beat (including tempo change feature) for over 2000 hit songs
  • Chords and lyrics display so you can sing along as you play
  • Fingering and strum patterns so you can play like an expert
  • Feedback to accelerate learning: tips on how to improve, results on how well you’ve played the chords and more.
  • Video tutorials for every chord by
  • Very accurate and easy-to-use tuner


This is the easiest way to learn to play the ukulele

Out of all of the apps on my iPad I have been enjoying this app the most. It is so relaxing and enjoyable. The music is very nice to listen to and I am fortunate to have picked up a ukulele when I was in Hawaii two years ago. I never have taken the time to really learn how to play it. I do believe I am going to take the time now to learn it with the help of this app. Please give it a try!

So much fun!

This seemingly simple app is helpful to learn about timing and when to change chords at the right time, etc. Strumming patterns and playing in different keys are also great for beginner to play actual music. New songs are added each time I log on. Great for the price, too!

Love it!!!!

As long as you learn the notes first, practice on the slowest tempo in the beginning and slowly speed it up, you’ll love it! I try not to put a lot of pressure on myself to get it and and I just play on this A LOT! ^_^

Start playing your favorite songs today! Download Ukeoke for free.

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