Want to double your guitar sales? We'll help you:

  • Keep an additional 10% of the first time byers in your loop by reducing the quit rate and keeping the beginners engaged
  • Increase the number of women who play
  • Attract new customers with interactive mobile apps

Turn first-time guitar buyers into profitable, long-term customers with a faster and more fun learning process.

Musopia has pioneered a unique learning process called the Instant Play Method that helps keep new guitar players engaged and learning. Instead of focusing on tabs and theory, we've simplified the learning process with apps that teach new players easy chords and strumming patterns for their favorite songs. 83% of Musopia's app customers say that FourChords help them to continue the hobby.

Why work with Musopia?


  • Musopia apps average 4–5 stars in Apple's app store, include 2000 hit songs people love to play and have more than 2 million downloads
  • We work together with JustinGuitar.com to offer beginner players the best way to learn to play (tutorial videos of chords, strumming, etc)
  • The experienced international team that provides you exprerienced project management, business development and high-quality music tech ideas
  • Musopia is a proud member of GAMA and NAMM. We have a strong vision of getting more guitarists and uke players to enjoy music and various products of the music industry


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Musopia Apps

FourChords is the fast, easy way to play the songs you love on guitar.

Designed to make learning the guitar easy for beginning players.

JustinGuitar App for learning your favorite songs

Learn by playing your favorite songs! Engaging and effective step-by-step beginner course by JustinGuitar.com, World's best guitar teacher.

Ukeoke is the fastest way to learn new songs on your ukulele.

A fun way to learn how to play the Ukulele with more than 2000 songs.

Perfect learning tool and songbook for Kala ukulele players.
Perfect learning tool and songbook for Kala ukulele players.

Kala Brand Chromatic Tuner

The perfect companion with your Kala Ukulele! Accurate Tuner and interactive play-along songbook with a wide selection of Color Chords songs and epic hit songs.

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