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What is included?

  • Over twenty step by step lesson videos from inside actual classrooms with real students and teachers that show you how to make the most of the apps in combination with other classroom best practices. Also includes interviews with teachers and students and narrated screen captures inside the apps.

  • Over 50 pages of supporting resources and color coded manipulatives for including learners at different levels on keys, bass, ukulele and guitar.
  • A multi-unit print curriculum with over 30 sequential lesson plans for guitar, uke and beyond with a list of core activities, aims, proce-dures, extensions, and differentiation techniques.

  • A scope and sequence for teaching keys, bass, drums and a Modern Band ensemble. Worksheets, rubrics, and blank diagrams for guitar and uke.

  • Tech Resource Guide and How-To videos to help you get everything you need to hook up to your projector and set up your students in groups.

Class Curriculum

Video tutorials

Introduction to Play For All!
Intro From Gary, Your Instructor (4:29) START
Exploring FourChords and Ukeoke for the Classroom
Searching for Songs by Chords and Artist/Title (3:47) START
Saving Songs and Creating Playlists (2:01) START
Chord Options: 1 String, 3 String, Basic, Pro (5:21) START
Strum Patterns for Differentiation and Technique Tip (5:01) START
Strum Patterns Part 2: Inside the Apps (3:10) START
4 Ways to Use the Transposition Feature in Your Classroom (6:22) START
Slowing it Down with Tempo Control (2:10) START
Using the Arrangement Mixer and Playback Options (2:52) START
Using the Built In Tuner With Your Class (3:01) START
Classroom Best Practices
Bass, Keys, Drums, and Supplemental Resources (5:36) START
App as Second Teacher: Individualized Feedback and Instruction (2:45) START
Best Practices for Using Multiple Devices and Grouping (4:13) START
Students Write Out The Chords (1:28) START
Left Hand Only (1:45) START
Isolate the Change w/ One Minute Changes (2:21) START
Listen First, Then Play (1:41) START
Students Choose Chords to Skip or Play (0:48) START
Split the Room (2:33) START
Tech setup
How To Hook Up Your Device In Your Classroom START
Miss Harris's Tech Setup START
Mr Harrah's Tech Setup START
Mr Dimas's Tech Setup START

Downloadable PDF's

Instant Play Curriculum and Materials
Play For All! Classroom Curriculum DOWNLOAD
Chord Diagrams for All Instruments
Chords for Bass DOWNLOAD
Chords for Guitar DOWNLOAD
Chords for Piano DOWNLOAD
Chords for Ukulele DOWNLOAD
Advanced Chords for Guitar DOWNLOAD
Worksheets and Assessments
Guitar Worksheets and Assessments DOWNLOAD
Ukulele Worksheets and Assessments DOWNLOAD
BONUS: Curriculum Cheat Sheets
Guitar Chord Curriculum Cheat Sheets DOWNLOAD
Ukulele Chord Curriculum Cheat Sheets DOWNLOAD
Blank Templates for Guitar and Ukulele
Blank Guitar Resources DOWNLOAD
Blank Ukulele Resources DOWNLOAD
Letter Home to Parents w/ Trial Code

Major benefits

Here are the 7 major benefits of completing this course and using its curriculum in your music program:

  1. Your students will be able to sing and play the songs they know and love on guitar, ukulele, keys, bass and drums.
  2. Your students will stay actively engaged in music making for long periods of time.
  3. You'll be able to easily differentiate so that learners of all levels can play together, each step of the way.
  4. You'll be able to spend more time working with your students one on one instead of always having to lead the whole class at the same time.
  1. You'll be able to incorporate technology in a "I way that is fun and easy, and makes your students feel right at home.
  2. You will have a clear sequential learning pathway for guitar, ukulele, bass, keys, and drums in a Modern Band setting, and guide students along through a song based curriculum.
  3. You will no longer need to search for, print, and copy song materials since the apps are a contin-ually renewing resource with everything in one place.


Beginning guitar players love the familiar songs with simplified chords. Music teachers love that these apps keep kids engaged in learning the chords they teach. No wonder more than 74% of teachers gave Musopia's apps a top rating in a recent survey. Here's what they are saying...

"It's going to be the future of music education. This makes teaching songs so much more structured and simple for me."
— Diane Harris, Elementary music teacher, Dallas TX

"I've done classes with traditional Kodaly and Orff stuff and it's not the same. I don't have their attention the same way. They don't feel this anxiety and they're really able to express themselves. What a great gift to give to a kid, to be able to express them-selves."
—Albert Harrah, Elementary music teacher, Dallas TX

"It almost makes it like there is a second teacher in the room which is very nice."
— Darren Rome, Elementary music teacher, Dallas TX

How the course is structured

The founder of Pow Music, Gary Heimbauer, and Musopia collaborated with five amazing teachers that will act as mentors to anyone who takes this course. You'll see them using all of the features of the apps and the supporting resources that come with the curriculum in combination with other classroom best practices to engage their students and guide them along their learning pathway. You'll also hear in their own words why they do what they, along with interviews with some of the students!

  1. The course begins with the most basic ways to use the app such as selecting and sorting songs, saving songs and creating playlists. It then gets more in depth exploring the transposition feature, sorting by chords, and the customizable arrangement mixer to take your students from playing along, to playing by themselves.
  2. The second unit showcases specific teaching best practices to help differentiate, incorporate other instru-ments, and assess student learning. The third unit will teach you everything you need to know to tackle the technology challenges, and get the apps hooked up in your classroom.
  3. The final unit contains all of your print resources including the curriculum, the worksheets and assess-ments, and the supporting materials.

Your Instructor:

Gary is the founder of Pow Music, an education company com-mitted to helping creative music makers develop their craft and share their music with the world. Before that he served for over two years as the National Training Manager and then the Director of Curriculum for Little Kids Rock. He is also a former tenured public school band and general music teacher and taught for three years in Queens, NY. He holds a Master's Degree in Music Education from Columbia University and has been playing guitar professionally for over 13 years.

"My main goal is to empower students to develop and express their own musical voice." – Gary Heimbauer

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