Learning guitar is hard for beginners.
We make it easier.

Practicing guitar is hard and takes effort. So it’s no wonder that new guitar players get frustrated when learning chords and theory. And they struggle to read sheet music and tabs. The fun part of playing — learning songs — seems so distant that they quit practicing. And when they lose interest, you lose a student.

Musopia’s apps were designed by professional musicians and teachers to help students get over the "too hard for me" bump. FourChords and Ukeoke make practicing fun and easy, so they keep at it.

The Instant Play Method: The teaching tool that keeps students engaged.

When students use Musopia’s apps, they practice more and advance faster. That’s because both Four Chords for Guitar and Ukeoke for Ukulele use the Instant Play Method to engage learners with popular songs they want to play. And the Instant Play Method is easy to use in the classroom. It includes:

  • simplified chords for every song (choose root notes, three sting or full chords)
  • chord transposition and tempo control so you can control the pace of learning
  • adjustable settings that put you in control of everything
  • optional karaoke-style lyrics for students who want to sing along as they play
  • helpful videos from JustinGuitar that teach correct fingering for every chord

Musopia’s apps were designed by professional musicians and teachers to help students get over the “too hard for me” bump. FourChords and Ukeoke make practicing fun and easy, so they keep at it.

FourChords App FourChords App FourChords App

At home in the classroom

Musopia apps help kids learn to play guitar

The FourChords guitar karaoke app has become a central part of the curriculum for Little Kids Rock teachers across the USA! This is no surprise since it features an ever-expanding collection of songs that students know and love and can be customized for all levels of playing! The ability to switch between root notes, partial chords, and full chords, along with being able to speed up songs, transpose, and switch the melody on and off makes this a true teaching tool that supports all aspiring rockers!

FourChords App

Gary Heimbauer, National Training Manager, Little Kids Rock

Musopia Apps

FourChords is the fast, easy way to play the songs you love on guitar.

Designed to make learning the guitar easy for beginning players.

Ukeoke is the fastest way to learn new songs on your ukulele.

A fun way to learn how to play the Ukulele with more than 1500 songs.

Hundreds of songs students

actually want to play.

Musopia’s song library includes a lot of songs from artists that kids love, like Adele, Maroon5, ColdPlay, One Direction, and The Beatles. New songs are added every week. From pop and rock to country and Christian, Musopia has the songs your students want to play. With so many songs (and chord combinations) to choose from, you’ll find dozens that appeal to your students.

By helping your students play the songs they love, Musopia’s apps keep them engaged and learning longer. With Musopia’s Instant Play Method, they succeed in playing contemporary hit songs from their favorite artists in just a few minutes. And with success comes a love for learning more.

FourChords App

Students love Musopia.

So do teachers.

Beginning guitar players love the familiar songs with simplified chords. Music teachers love that these apps keep kids engaged in learning the chords they teach. No wonder more than 74% of teachers gave Musopia’s apps a top rating in a recent survey. Here’s what they are saying…

  • “In private teaching, I use it as a reward for students that have practice and done well. The contemporary songs are a hit with them.”
  • “I project the app on the screen at the front of the room. Students play along. I create a playlist that includes the chords we are working on, and they choose songs from the list.”
  • “I use it for both small groups and from the front of the class. Currently I am using Ukeoke and will venture into FourChords soon.”
  • “It gives my students real life application with songs they know (or should know in the case of some of the classic rock songs) and enables them to play pretty quickly, using 3-4 chords.”
  • “FourChords has been the best discovery of my year! Thank you so much for developing such a fun teaching tool.”

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