Based in Helsinki Finland, Musopia is a growing mobile app development company with music in our hearts. Our goal is to bring joy to people’s lives and help them reach their dreams with the power of music. Join the mission!

Senior Unity Developer

We are looking for an experienced Senior Unity Developer to join our development team. Depending on your strengths and interests you will contribute to actual development as well as influence on user interface in our apps. You will get to work with a modern data stack, technologies and analytical methods.

We are looking for:

  • Strong experience making mobile apps and publishing on App Stores
  • Strong experience making multiple view UI and navigation and supporting different device screen sizes
  • Understanding asynchronous programming patterns in Unity
  • Good understanding of C#
  • Understanding of software design patterns
  • Experience in integrating 3rd party libraries and services
  • Working with Git
  • Fluent English

Good to have list:

  • Using Firebase SDKs and Google Cloud
  • Understanding Unity graphics rendering and UI performance optimization
  • Algorithms and data structures
  • Working with DB, knowing SQL
  • Interest in making user experience and visuals

We value:

  • Capability to work independently and efficiently
  • Understanding of software development process models
  • Interest audio programming or analytics
  • A passion to work with music

Our office is in Helsinki, but we work mostly remotely. Our team is easy-going yet super talented and ambitious. We are set to make an impact for the future. Note that playing a musical instrument is a benefit, but not mandatory. There is a fair chance to learn, everybody will get a free Guitar or an Ukulele!

For more information visit to get to know our products. Listen a podcast about us:

About Musopia

Musopia makes fun and entertaining mobile apps that ignite the music in people. Learn your favorite song on the guitar, go from beginner to master on the ukulele, or discover a new sense of rhythm – with Musopia apps, the magical gateway to the universe of music is in your pocket.

Our apps JustinGuitar and Kala have risen on top in their catogories and been downloaded by millions of people so far. We have partnered with exciting brands such as Kala, JustinGuitar, Yamaha and Little Kids Rock with great results.

And this is only the beginning! New ideas combining music, technology, entertainment and education are flowing from the minds of our tuneful team all the time.

We are based in Helsinki, Finland – but in practice us Musopians enjoy working from all corners of the world. Our curious band has tech heads, music lovers, marketing visionaries, and generalists – all wonderful persons united by a sense of wonder and a refreshing lack of ego.

Are you ready for the spark?