That feeling when you take the first steps to learn how to play an instrument? It’s like going from crawling through the world in black & white to soaring way above it in full 3D multicolor. Nothing is the same anymore. We make fun, easy and inspiring mobile apps so that more and more people would get to experience that mystifying magic of music. Whether it is by learning your favorite song on the guitar or the ukulele, acquiring a new sense of rhythm, or exploring the universe of music in some other manner, Musopia apps make it happen.

Whether you know it or not, the music is already in you. Let us ignite it.

Based in Helsinki Finland, Musopia is a growing mobile app development company with music in our hearts. Our goal is to bring joy to people’s lives and help them reach their dreams with the power of music. Join the mission!

Rocking Head of Finance

Are you an experienced finance business partner with outgoing personality and excellent communication skills? Do you want to save the world with the power of music? Join our mission!

We are looking for a business minded Head of Finance to Manage and develop our finance function and analytics. You will play a key role in business development and have overall responsibility for financial and accounting functions. You will be part of our management team and work in close cooperation with our analytics and marketing teams. The position is new so there will be a great opportunity to influence the content of the job description and direction of our financial operations.

Your Key Responsibilities will be:

  • Participating in business development and bringing insights from an economic perspective, along with suggestions for improvements
  • Communicating key metrics - and their meaning - to everyone in the company in an understandable way
  • Supervising and coordinating monthly accounting tasks and financial reporting
  • Maintaining the company financial forecast models
  • Developing reporting and estimation models further
  • Close collaboration with the analytics team

Our accounting process is outsourced, so your main duties are not focused on accounting. But you will ensure that the cooperation with the accounting firm runs smoothly. One of our long-term goals is bringing accounting information and internal analytics closer to each other and you will also play an important role in improving this cooperation together with our analytics team.

What we are looking for:

  • Passion for business development
  • Solid experience working in versatile financial roles within a modern B2C-business
  • Somebody who can visit the Helsinki, Vallila office at least twice a week
  • Understanding of mobile apps industry as well as mobile product revenue funnel and metrics, preferably in a subscription business setting
  • Experience in calculating ROI and LTV projections for Paid UA
  • Fluency in English
  • Caring attitude combined with curious attention to details
  • Strong communication and organizational skills with an ability to self-organise well, plan effectively and work autonomously
  • Enough technical chops to work with a modern data stack - for example using SQL. Or a willingness to learn.
  • Someone who shares our passion and love for music.

Come to work with us and be a part of creating awesome gamified music e-learning apps from start to finish! Our team is super talented yet easy-going and we are set to make an impact in the future of the music business. Please note that playing some musical instrument is not mandatory but there is a fair chance to learn, and you will even get paid for it! Here is your chance to be a part of the modern music industry!

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About Musopia

Musopia makes fun and entertaining mobile apps that ignite the music in people. Learn your favorite song on the guitar, go from beginner to master on the ukulele, or discover a new sense of rhythm – with Musopia apps, the magical gateway to the universe of music is in your pocket.

Our apps JustinGuitar and Kala have risen on top in their catogories and been downloaded by millions of people so far. We have partnered with exciting brands such as Kala, JustinGuitar, Yamaha and Little Kids Rock with great results.

And this is only the beginning! New ideas combining music, technology, entertainment and education are flowing from the minds of our tuneful team all the time.

We are based in Helsinki, Finland – but in practice us Musopians enjoy working from all corners of the world. Our curious band has tech heads, music lovers, marketing visionaries, and generalists – all wonderful persons united by a sense of wonder and a refreshing lack of ego.

Are you ready for the spark?